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Zoo Med Repti Day \ Night Timer
Zoo Med

Zoo Med Repti Day \ Night Timer

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    Repticare Day Night Timer

    24-hour programmable time for your reptile, amphibian or arachnid!

    The Zoo-Med Day/Night Timer is the easiest and most convenient way to provide your reptile with automated and consistent lighting and heating!

    • Provides natural day/night cycle for your reptiles
    • Automatically turns daytime lamp on in the morning and off at night¬†¬†
    • Automatically turns nighttime lamp or heater on and off at night

    How to Use

    Daytime setting: Tabs down to control daytime lamp plugged into top outlet.

    Nighttime setting: Tabs up to control nighttime lamp or heater plugged into bottom outlet.

    Setting the time of day: The arrow on the face of the timer indicates the time of day. To set the time, rotate the dial until until the arrow pointing at the correct time. The timer will only operate when plugged in.

    Program the timer: To program the "daytime" setting; push the black tabs down adjacent to the times that you would like the daytime lamp to be on. Each tab represents 30 minutes. To program the "nighttime" setting, pull the black tabs up adjacent to the times that you would like the nighttime lamp to be on. 

    Set the red bypass switch to timer: To bypass the timer and manually turn on and off the daytime fixtures, slide the switch on the side of the timer up to the "on" setting (only top outlet will remain on, bottom will be off). 



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