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Company Overview

Northern Gecko Specialty Pets & Pet Products has a long standing name in the Reptile Hobbyist Community that has been trusted since 2001. Our name is synonymous with quality, integrity, superior customer service, timely interactions and an overall unbeatable customer experience.

We dare you to prove us wrong.

Our Mission

Our ever present goal is to offer some of the finest New Caledonian geckos in the world, selectively-bred to produce stunning results. Our stock speaks for itself. We are continuously Redefining Rhacodactylus in CanadaTM and encourage everyone to Get Into The Gecko!TM

We also bring some of the finest quality and innovative reptile dry goods to the descerning hobbyist. We hand-pick products that we believe to be superior, offering something special to the reptile hobbyist.

If you have a unique product or product line that you want represented in Canada, please contact us. We will evaluate your product for distribution in Canada.


We are the exclusive Full-Line distributor of Repashy Superfoods in Canada. Please contact us for wholesale pricing if you would like to sell Repashy Superfoods in your retail store.

We are a reseller of Exo-Terra and Zoo-Med products in Canada, and we also exclusively distribute Squamata Concepts` SIM Container in Canada.

Additionally, we retail and wholesale a vast assortment of shipping and display supplies in Canada, such as pre-punched cups and heat packs for packing live goods.

Did we mention that we also sell hobbyist grade geckos? Please visit the Available section at www.northerngecko.ca for a selection of some of the finest New Caledonian geckos that are currently being offered!

  • Best Crested Gecko on a Jar of Crested Gecko MRP. Repashy's Crested Gecko MRP 2011.

  • Best Leachianus Gecko on a Calcium Product. Repashy's SuperCal MeD. 2011.

  • Best Gargoyle Gecko on a Pigment Enhancing Product. 2011.

  • Best customer service. All The Time.

  • Largest producer of New Caledonian Geckos in Canada, since 2007. We produce well over 4,000 geckos annually!