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Sunblaster Mini Greenhouse Kit with Stand
Sunblaster Mini Greenhouse Kit with Stand
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Sunblaster Mini Greenhouse Kit with Stand

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SKU: SB-1600207


    Mini Greenhouse Kit with Strip Light Stand

    SunBlaster Mini Greenhouse Kits are great for a variety of Indoor Growing applications. Depending on your growing area, and your ability to mount the lighting included in your kit, you may want to consider the Mini Greenhouse Kit with Stand as an option.


    Many home growers will affix their lighting under a shelf, cupboard or similar location above their growing tray.


    The Strip Light Stand is perfect for those who do not have a convenient mounting location for lighting. You can see by the image to the right, this Strip Light Stand does a great job of getting the light over your grow tray.

    The stand is fully adjustable up to 18" above the tray.


    So easy to use, you will love it!


    SunBlaster Mini Greenhouse Kits are equipped with our professional grade lighting as the catalyst for great growing. The Kits include our SunBlaster NanoDome that gets more of the light your plants love to them than any other dome on the market!

    Designed  exclusively for the SunBlaster T5HO & NanoTech Reflector Combo, and our newest addition LED Strip Lights,  the SunBlaster NanoDome incorporates our ingenious light tracks that allow you to lay your lighting directly in the dome.


    The kits consist of our:

    • Heavy Duty 1020 tray
    • 7" NanoDome  high humidity dome with vents 
    • Adjustable light stand
    • SunBlaster 6400K 18" T5HO Growlight with NanoTech T5 Reflector - for the T5 Version
    • SunBlaster 6400K 18" LED Growlight for the LED Version

    This custom kit includes everything you need to start flower or vegetable seedlings, propagate fresh cuttings, or grow fresh herbs right in your kitchen all year long.


    All you need to buy is a high quality seedling mix and your favorite seeds, and off you grow.



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