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Mega-Ray Infrared Heat Projector 60W

Mega-Ray Infrared Heat Projector 60W

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    Mega-Ray® HP - 60 Watt Lightless Infra-Red Heat Projector

    • 120 volt
    • Fits standard ES lamp fixture
    • A revolutionary new design!

    There is simply no other manufacturer that builds a heating device like this! Using only 60 watts, the Mega-Ray® HP projects more heat than a traditional 100 watt ceramic heat emitter* - but with no danger of burning you or your reptile!

    At only 60 watts, this the most efficient reptile heater in the world. It projects heat in a forward direction only, rather than waste energy by throwing heat in every direction. The Mega-Ray® HP will transmit great heat up to 20 inches from the surface.

    The surface of the Mega-Ray® HP only reaches a temperature of approximately 120 degrees - meaning neither you nor your reptile can receive burns from this unit. Even if your reptile accidentally touched the surface, it would sustain NO injuries! Don't try that with a traditional ceramic heat emitter! CHEs are notorious for third degree thermal burns in reptiles.

    The Mega-Ray® HP projects a soft penetrating heat where you direct it. Your reptiles will love and actually be drawn to this heat! Used in combination with the Mega-Ray® UVB Flood Lamp, you will create the perfect UVB and heat environment for your reptile.




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