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Zilla Terrarium Moss Substrate

Zilla Terrarium Moss Substrate

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    Terrarium Moss

    The natural moisture retention properties of beaked moss keeps humidity levels in the terrarium uniformly high while forming a decorative green carpet landscape. Harvested from the lush coniferous rain forests of Oregon, Zilla® Beaked Moss is 100% natural, looks great and your pet will love having it underfoot!

    • All natural beaked moss holds moisture and maintains humidity
    • Provides a realistic setting for reptiles and amphibians by providing a lush green carpet landscape
    • Completely natural (no dyes or chemicals) and harvested from coniferous rain forests in Oregon
    • Pets will love having this bedding underneath them!
    • Ideal for chameleons, frogs, green anoles, toads, rain forest geckos, salamanders, newts



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