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The Lizard Keeper's Handbook
The Herpetocultural Library

The Lizard Keeper's Handbook

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    The Lizard Keeper’s Handbook    By Philippe de Vosjoli.  208 Pages. ©2007.

    Whether you’re just starting out with your first lizard or you’re an advanced herpetoculturist looking for expert advice, this newly updated edition of The Lizard Keeper’s Handbook is your comprehensive guide to this fascinating hobby.  Written by Philippe de Vosjoli, founder of the Advanced Vivarium Systems series, this book covers everything you need to know about not only selecting and buying a lizard but also properly caring for, handling, and feeding your reptile so it thrives.  You’ll also gain knowledge about recommended insect-eating lizards and proper breeding practices as well as how to design and maintain a vivarium that provides a safe and healthful environment for your lizard.  All lizard keepers – and their lizards – will benefit from this valuable new addition to the Herpetocultural Library. 

    Table of Contents

    • Introduction
    • Obtaining Information about Insect-Eating Lizards
    • Things To Consider Before You Buy
    • Some Recommended Insect-Eating Lizards
    • Selection of Insect-Eating Lizards
    • Quarantine and Acclimation
    • Essential Concepts
    • Types of Vivaria
    • Enclosures
    • Vivarium Design
    • Naturalistic Vivarium Design
    • Heating
    • Cooling
    • Lighting
    • Relative Humidity and Ventilation
    • Feeding
    • Handling
    • Diseases and Disorders
    • Shipping and Receiving
    • General Guidelines for Popular Insect-Eating Lizards
    • Appendix I:  Some Useful Herpetocultural Terms
    • Appendix II: An Overview Of Lizard Families and Subfamilies
    • Appendix III:  Rehoming Lizards
    • Appendix IV: Products
    • Resources
    • Index


    The highly acclaimed Advanced Vivarium Systems® books, founded and guided by herpetocultural pioneer Philippe de Vosjoli, are the No. 1 books on reptile care.  From Choosing a pet, to selecting a veterinarian, to feeding, housing, breeding, and more, these books deliver the most helpful and up-to-date information available on popular reptiles and amphibians kept as pets.  



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