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Exo Terra Bamboo Tweezers, Large
Exo Terra

Exo Terra Bamboo Tweezers, Large

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    Feed your pet the sustainable way with Exo Terra's Bamboo Tweezers Feeding Tool! These eco-friendly, bamboo tweezers allow you to conveniently pick up your BFF's food and place it directly into her mouth. They are light and flexible, so their comfortable to use and they help reduce the likelihood of mouth injuries. These tweezers are made from sustainable and renewable resources, making them a great alternative to regular tongs. Bamboo typically grows quicker than regular wood and when the root system is left untouched, it can be harvested without having to replant!


    Key Benefits

    • Crafted from renewable and sustainable resources.
    • Light and flexible tweezers are comfortable to use and are less likely to injure your pet's mouth.
    • Made of eco-friendly bamboo.
    • These tweezers allow you to accurately pick up your pet's food and feed it directly to her.
    • Bamboo doesn't require a lot of pesticides, fertilizers or space to grow.


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